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A brief note on "so called Armenian claims of genocide"

asalaSAİP NEWS:Turks of Republic of Azerbaijan, South Azerbaijan (under Iranian control), and Turkey were massacred more than one time in the last two hundred years. Due to the lack of information from Turkish side mostly western people are not aware of the real facts about history of the region. In the other hand Armenian Diaspora is one of the most powerful lobbies in the world and their lobby activities are very popular and somehow favoured by some western and European countries. They use Journalism, media and business in furthering their agenda of spreading miss-information in the west. Lack of verifiable information, adds to the complexity of the situation.


In contrary to the Armenian propaganda, the information supporting the idea of massacre of Turks in the hands of Armenians exists in archives of countries like Russia, Iran and Turkey. Recently only few documents from Russian archives exposed the systematic killings of “Muslims of the region” i.e. Turks in the same time period which is alleged by Armenian massacre screamers. According to the documents, intoxicated by the idea of creating “The Great Armenia” and equipped by Russian and French weaponry and with the blessings of Greeks, Armenians and specifically “Dashnak” simply were committing the first modern ethnic cleansing of this century in our villages and towns. Innocent and defenceless villagers and townspeople of the region in attempt of defending their homes did resist the Armenian aggression. Although they were not armed like their aggressors but with agricultural equipments and whatever they could get their hands on they resisted. In the face of overwhelming power of Armenian forces and sheer barbarism demonstrated by Armenian Dashnaks, hundreds of thousands of Turks and other Muslims of the region were mercilessly killed.


Evaluating the shift of power from Turkish Qajars and Turkish Ottomans to Russians in the region, the real culprits of atrocities and massacres started posing as victim and. April 24, the day of so called Armenian genocide, is the obvious example of such a fabrication in the recent history of our region.
The great Armenia is the dream of the Armenian people since 19 century. Western powers supported this dream and they draw the borders of great Armenia in 1920 by Sevres treaty. In the last hundred and fifty years Russian and Armenian expansionism in the region resulted in millions of death and destruction. A brief look at the present situation of Grozny and Khojali is enough to see the level of inhumanity Russians and Armenians are capable of. Cities like other occupied cities of the region are totally destroyed, defending civilians are killed, women are raped, children are mutilated, and spirit of the people is humiliated.


For anyone who bothers to know, at the present time, since the collapse of Soviet Union, over 20% percent of the Republic of Azerbaijan is under Armenian occupation. People of the occupied areas of Azerbaijan were systematically driven out of their lands. In the process of these ethnic cleansing tens of thousands of people are killed, tortured, raped, burned alive. The stories of this genocide are so horrible, one can’t believe if human being is capable of such atrocities.


Today in the 21st century we as Canadians should not blindly fall in the trap of the wrong information provided by only and only Armenian side and their sympathizers. Let’s not forget April 08. 1982, when members of Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) opened fire on Turkish Embassy Commercial Attaché, Mr. Kani Gungor, as he entered the garage of his apartment complex.


The following day ASALA issued a statement, "We warn the Canadian authorities that any attempt to persecute the Armenian community in Canada will not pass without punishment." Mr. Gungor is left paralyzed by the shooting. Five Canadian Armenian ASALA members - Nicholas Moumdjian, Haroutium Kevork, Haig Balian, Haig Karkhanian, and Melkon Karakhanian - were arrested and convicted later. Lets not forget March 12. 1985, when ASALA gunmen, two Syrian-born - Kevork Marachelian and Ohannes Noubarian - and one Lebanese-born Rafi Panos Titizian, storm the Turkish Embassy, killing a Pinkerton security guard in the entryway to the complex. Turkish Ambassador Coskun Kirca escapes by leaping from the second floor window at the back of the embassy, breaking his right arm, right leg and pelvis. The gunmen then take 12 people hostage, including the Ambassador's wife, Bilge Coskun, teenage daughter and three children. Four hours later, the gunmen, who come to be called the "Ottawa Three”, surrender to Pinkerton law enforcement officers.


We are optimistic. The future will be with those who are righteous and just. In the light of unbiased investigations and researches of history of the late 19th and early 20th century of the region the truth will come forth. Only then the souls of hundreds of thousands of Turks who were massacred by Armenian barbarism will rest in peace.

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Chairman of research centre in South Azerbaijan Independence Party


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